Book Arts

Book Arts and bookbinding at Bridgewater State University focuses on introducing students to the art of physically designing and assembling books. Students learn new techniques as a way to communicate their creative and artistic ideas, providing them with the ability to create one of a kind artist books and full creative liberty to tell their own stories.

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Miscellaneous - Book Arts

Squash book depicting themes of nature and witchcraft

Alyssa Perry

Hand bound accoridon book of poems depicting the story of how eight family members died from a poisonous plant German case binding with two hand sewn bat wings on cover  A person sets out rat poison and once the rat ingests it, the rodent scuttles outside before being caught by a hawk. A person is running along the beach unknowing of a piping plover nest hidden in the sand A deer wanders through a newly built suburban neighborhood before being stunned by oncoming headlights

Marissa Merlino

An accordion pop-up book with a person running down a fire escape a tunnel book that illustrates the ups and downs of a relationship