Painting courses at Bridgewater State University focus on the basic techniques of mixing paints, color theory, and various methods for applying paint. Through the painting concentration, students will learn how to approach creating paintings from still life, the human figure and abstract ideas.

Miscellaneous - Painting

A baby grabbing the artist's finger amid a dark background, akin to "The Creation of Adam." A light-blue circle with shapes riding a yellow wave, has a white barrier around it. Surrounding the circle is the violent atmosphere of a circular vortex, whose heart shines bright orange. A man dressed in camouflage, cradling an orange and white cat lovingly. A painting of a coffee cup sitting on a saucer painted in various shades of red, with light and dark shadows throughout. A painting of a girl dressed in a costume consisting of  white fabric, red ribbons, and  gold accents she has long pink hair and appears to be in a purple void.  A painting inspired by Van Gogh's "Starry Night" showing a campfire.

Camille San Gabriel

Camille San Gabriel is a non-binary Studio Art and Secondary Education major at Bridgewater State University. San Gabriel is from Lynn, Ma where they gained a passion for bringing art to children through working at the non-profit Raw Art Works. In their work, they often like to take on social and political issues our country faces. For San Gabriel's last painting class in Fall 2020, they painted a series to reflect and digest some of the many events that have happened to our country in that year.

A painting of a Black Lives Matter protest walking in the road through a neighborhood. In the center is a banner that reads "SAY THEIR NAMES". Two women weeping outside a hospital room. Inside the dark hospital room a man lays in bed on a ventilator, illuminated by the glow of a computer monitor. A landscape painting, of a forest burning at night.

Cassandra Domeij

Painting people has allowed me to bring to life the story that is their life. I love searching for every detail that makes them who they are. I want to bring to life their personalities through painting and allow the viewers to see who this person is even if they have never met in real life. I will often take a surrealist and illusionistic approach to make these unnatural elements come to life on the canvas and have the main focal point be the person that I am painting.

A woman paints herself laying in the grass A woman sits on a tree sprouting from a book, surrounded by references to popular children's book "Harry Potter" Four pumpkins stacked in a pyramid

Davonna Dinkins

Painting of a white male bust, in blue. An object in the middle of the room.

Lisa Perakslis

A group of people and a dog wading in the shallow water at the beach enjoying the day. A girl looking out at the ocean with the wind blowing her hair and shirt back. A lady standing next to an old-fashioned car holding a cat.

Nicole Almeida

A small quaint cape harbor with its vintage sailboats and its colorful sails. Five boats are shown in a diagonal line, with a little beach and trees in the background, as well as a small distant house.  A road driving up to Coast Guard Beach. On the far left are the beautiful blue waves of Cape Cod's National Seashore, as well as the reflection of the sunset sky. A painting of a parish: mostly white, but with a purple and pink pastel sky. The colors reflect off the white parish but makes the building have a tint of light pink.

Nicole Seeley

A self portrait of the artist in her studio.The artist wears bright colors, and a variety of art supplies can be seen in the sunny, yellow background. An old man is bent over the open hood of a vintage car with a tool in his hand. He is pointing out the engine, and giving a slight smirk.

Madeline Morris

A dog looking over his shoulder at the viewer, dressed ornately in 16th century fashion. It mirrors the work of Johannes Vermeer's, "Girl With a Pearl Earring,". A slightly distant shore of a lake, as if looking from out above the water. The sky and water meet the dark land and trees, whose reflections appear on the right edge of the water.

Noreen Timmoney

A painting in a black frame  that depicts a boy with a small goatee and a cut off sweatshirt. He is holding a small dog with a vibrant collar. A square painting which shows four men laying down on top of a quilt-like pattern. All of their eyes are closed and their full faces are visible. Three of the men are wearing dark clothing.

Bao Huynh

The repetition of the word ART creating abstractive patterns A lady in Vietnamese traditional dress, isolated from the fresh and youthful garden with a regretful expression Geometric shapes create the abstract portrait of a man