Painting courses at Bridgewater State University focus on the basic techniques of mixing paints, color theory, and various methods for applying paint. Through the painting concentration, students will learn how to approach creating paintings from still life, the human figure and abstract ideas.

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Miscellaneous - Painting

The artists dad's portrait four figures surrounding a cake A nude figure from the chest up, facing slightly right. still life of crystal ball

Anthony Garcia

has two big flowers in glass and one small red flower on light blue table  yellow lemons, black tea pot and white towel on a purple table

Catherine Kaiser

collage of fractured images of great women in history  Abstract painting containing sharp edges of blue, yellow, and gray. Waves created by 3D rope and pools of water of various colors and high glass Grandfather and grandson share a moment on a sunny day at a local cafe

Cristina Dudziak

hand reaching out of the darkness Two hands bound together being severed by shears. green and blue mask Colorful figure in a transparent chrysalis.