Digital Art

Digital Art at Bridgewater State University embraces a mixture of photography, web design, and other creative approaches to technology. Students are exposed to a wide range of contemporary approaches to experimental making designed to engage with viewers in new approaches.

Miscellaneous - Digital Art

A character putting on makeup backstage in an abandoned theater. She has bird legs, a robotic head, and pink skin. A black and white collage of BLM protesters.

Nicole Roscoe

As I go through life, everything that emotionally speaks to me is essentially my motivation. I often feel so empowered by these emotions I experience, and my art is my way of translating these emotions into a visual language. My work is almost always a result of something that has been influential within my life, from a powerful song to important current events. I want my work to reach people, and I want it to speak to them the way it originally spoke to me, and possibly even change their ways of life.

A skeleton holding a box of chocolates. He is pictured with a chocolate mustache and chocolate remains. A skeleton, watering, and waiting for his heart to grow.

Hunter Campagna

My two pieces that I have selected to submit are called "Speak No Evil" and "See No Evil." They are both meant to speak against white silence and acceptance of the way that their fellow humans are being treated just because of the color of their skin. We are all people, and choosing to remain complacent when our fellow humans are being oppressed by an outdated system is the essence of being a part of the problem. The background of each poster is a collection of quotes from signs of peaceful protestors who took place in the Black Lives Matter movement. This is meant to show what becomes impossible when a white person refuses to see or speak on these issues, just as the faces on each power become an obstacle in reading the messages behind them.

 The words 'speak no evil' with a drawing of a brown haired, white man who has duct tape over his mouth. The words 'see no evil' with a drawing of a blonde haired, white woman with a blindfold over her eyes.

Nedson Monteiro

A man in overalls with wings on his head, flying away from a castle a woman with green skin and buck teeth, wearing a yellow suit several fictional characters racing go-karts on a snowy mountain