Drawing is the backbone of art and teaches you how to use line, shape and value while creating an overall good composition. Drawing courses at Bridgewater State University use still life and human figures to teach observation skills, how to use a light source and how to use perspective.

Miscellaneous - Drawing

A person looking outside a glass door with dramatic lighting and shadow. A man's face, with heavily-lidded eyes, thick eyelashes and brows, and an aquiline nose. He wears a thin hoop earring and has dark hair waving and curling out of frame. Two drawings of ram skulls. a women dressed in Victorian clothing with her hair up in a bun holding an iguana Objects placed on a table in front of a large piece of fabric with many folds: a tall wine bottle, a wide-mouth glass jar, a metal pot, a cotton plant, and a small, steel gravy boat with the design of a sea shell. A drawing of several toys, including a games console, polaroid camera, and turtle plushie.

Damien Brown

I enjoy creating work that is concise yet ambiguous. One of the most important things I've come to learn as I age is that it is important to move freely through life. I spent many years refusing to process trauma and ride my feelings out. In the end, that denial only left me burnt out. What I find to be really impactful about the quality of ambiguity is that there may not be one correct interpretation - everyone will see something different. And what a person may see one day, that very same viewer might see something completely different a few days later. I like to think that people see what they need to see at any given moment. It is really beautiful because the work itself never changes, only the eyes that look upon it.

A teenage boy holds a hand over a lit candle. His shadow has two pointed horns, and he wears all black. In his other hand is a book and rosary beads. A young man in summer clothing floats in the middle of an open, otherwise empty field.

Sam Weber

The pieces are meant to depict a feeling of loneliness, but with a hint of a presence not too far behind. It was suppose to be a visual of how I felt during 2020, that it was an dark road with seemingly no end, and I felt alone. But the headlights are symbolic of my friends and family that I kept trying to push away, but they still continued to stick beside me.

The moon, with a black background, splattered with white paint. A side view mirror of a car, a headlight reflected in the mirror. A hand adjusting a rear view mirror, headlights are reflecting in the mirror.

Samantha Jean

A charcoal drawing of a piece of hanging fabric. It is hanging on a chalkboard held by push pins.  A hallway drawn in one point perspective using various graphite pencils. It has many shadows and highlights.

Tryn Crowley

A person looking down, drawn in thick black lines, surrounded by abstract swirls and droplets. A stippled portrait of artist George Watsky against a checkerboard background. He has fluffy, sweeping hair, sunglasses, and wears a relaxed look.

Karina Carney

 A still life drawing of common kitchen objects in front of draped fabric. A drawing viewed from the back of a person with a large wound through their body. A pointillism side profile drawing of the character Edward Scissorhands.

Elysia Johnson

A woman picking up and kissing a baby.The baby has a pacifier in her mouth, and is smiling while holding a baby blanket. A little girl holding a baby squirrel in her palms and staring at in pure delight.