The photography concentration at Bridgewater State University teaches both the historical foundation of darkroom-based photography and digital fine art photography. It includes instruction in principles, techniques, equipment operations and maintenance, providing students with the skill set needed to be a professional photographic artist.

Miscellaneous - Photography

Close up, black and white photo of a Black Lab on the beach with his tongue out.  A glass ball on a wooden platform overlooking a beach. The beach is depicted upside down in the glass ball

Deianeira Underhill

My work explores the focal point of a personal eye. My main influence is photographer Thomas Bollinger. Like Bollinger, I like to use my art to capture the beauty and flaws in which we are surrounded. It’s the things and people we see every day that we don’t realize have a big impact on our lives daily. Many of the images I capture are focused on landscapes portraits amongst other things. I like the fact that my work is the view were a new viewpoint and perspective through my eyes.

Close up image of a dragonfly, positioned on top of a worn piece of wood. Close up image of a dragonfly, positioned on top of a worn piece of wood.

Melanie Marhefka

I love to document the human condition through expressive portraiture. In all ends- it is my greatest intention to communicate the contents of one’s mind or being into image. The energy contained in events and gatherings, particularly in music, is also something I strive to capture. I am very much driven by my deep connection and love for performing and fine arts combined by my passion for helping and uplifting others in their own passions and expression.

A close up of a man with golden eyes. He is wrapped up in dark green fabric as he stares directly at the viewer. A tuft of blue hair peaks out along his right side. A petit woman with red hair and.a black dress holds a skull. She has horns, and the ears of a mythical creature. She stands, starting intently into the eyes of the skull. A child sits outdoors on a sunny day. Their head leans slightly on their hand as they look off out of frame.  They wear a pastel, tie dye shirt with purple sleeves.

Emily Hayes

Brown Alpaca looking straight at the camera White mask with holes with flash of light behind it Close up of a seagull on the sand walking away whose head is slightly turned, glancing back at the camera

Lauren Waters

An old theater with a letter board above the front doors. A long sign stating "PARAMOUNT" hangs from the building. Cars litter the streets below, where individuals walk alone and in groups on the sidewalks. High rise and apartment buildings, yachts docked in the background, and palm trees are in scattered throughout the image. On a concrete walkway a man and a woman ride bikes together. A large concrete and brick building in Boston on a bright day, with wide open doors. A cloudless sky and a person in a pale shirt and dark pants, holding a red bag, is seen motioning towards the door.

Maggie Howland

Steady streams of nightime city lights. A man on a skateboard. A black capped chickadee, inspecting some orange slices.

Sierra Canastra

A self-portrait of the artist in a bathing suit on pool stairs, holding on to the pool railing. She has a smile and some sassy sunglasses.  A photo of a beautiful brown cow, with another cow in the background.  A photo of a young girl with brown hair crouching in front of a fire. She has a serious expression on her face while resting her hand on her face with her hand.

Ellie Montalvo

a magnificent sun rise with bright colors of orange and blues featuring a seagull gliding over the right corner. a flowing river framed in the leaves of the trees.

Robert Nelson

A foggy, wet evening caught at a red and yellow light. A table surrounded by copies of the same person doing different poses.

Lyndsay Hennelly

Inside the outline of a hand is wavy, blue water that extends from the tip of the fingers to the elbow. Inside the outline of a hand are smoking geysers popping up from rocky ground, with snow-capped mountains in the background. Inside the outline of a hand is a riverway and white-covered mountains.