High School Art

Invited selections of work by art students from Bridgewater-Raynham Regional High School.

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Miscellaneous - High School Art

ceramic anatomical heart with the top hat being a lid. Resting on a ceramic cone shaped base resembling sand A landscape drawing of a hill. portrait of her cat, staring left, bright eyed, at some birds outside A purple, blue, and yellow sunset over a dark treeline. A sunrise emerging over a cliff. owl pot mangrove tree representing the struggles she has overcome and the personal growth she has achieved. sun rising over grassy field. Ring of light shining against both the field and the sky. Sky is bright ornge that fades in cloudy grays red cranberry bush with red house in the back A field on a misty day with powerlines. person holding cards facing another person at the end of the table a woman seen in front of a bee hive covered in the phrase "hive mind". her head is filled with honey and tears are yellow Sunrising over the treeline on a cloudy day.